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HydraLamp™ Mini Fridge

HydraLamp™ Mini Fridge

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Drink your beverages chilled with this HydraLamp Compatible Mini Fridge custom-made by Cooluli; an industry leader in thermoelectric cooling technology. 

Simply put the water reservoir inside the fridge and attach the tube reservoir's quick connect, plug in the fridge, and your liquid is chilled to perfection. 

4L HydraLamp Mini Fridge Specs

 Cools down to: 35-40 degrees below ambient temperature
Inner Dimensions (W x D x H): 5.45" x 5.4" x 8.12"
Outer Dimensions (W x D x H): 7.25" x 10.25" x 10.75"
Energy Consumption: AC 100-240/0.6A
Materials: Aluminium, Plastic, and Tempered Glass



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Customer Reviews

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fff aaa
Love this mini fridge / water cooler

Found the cooler on Amazon. Had some concerns so I contacted HID SIPS. Their customer support is amazing. When I explained my issue, they knew exactly how they would fix the problem. They kept me informed throughout the process. They do customer service right!

So now the cooler. My family hates drinking anything that isn’t cold. We just bought a boat so I needed a solution that would work with DC power not just AC. Ours came with the water filter so I know that the drinking water is always safe no matter where the freshwater tanks are filled. We also bought the male to male bypass which I use when I’m using bottled water.

The water cooler is hooked up to a tabletop water dispenser that sits by the sink in my galley. The water is dramatically cooler than room temperature. Cool enough to be refreshing.

The cooler sits in a vented cabinet and is positioned below the height of the water dispenser. It’s not much bigger than a gallon milk jug. Most importantly, it saves precious space in my tiny fridge for food.